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The Graduate Gateway five-day programme

15 June 2011

We’ve now finished the week of Graduate Gateway activities, and are currently interviewing final-year students for our five-day Graduate Gateway programme.

Unlike the workshops, which were stand-alone sessions, the five-day programme requires students and graduates to commit to all five days.  We’ve had between 18 and 23 people in each of the four cohorts we’ve run so far, and by the end they are a tightly bonded group, and each other’s best cheerleaders.  We really enjoy running the course: it’s great to watch the participants go from slightly watchful to laughing and teasing each other.  By the third day, they are giving each other really helpful and constructive feedback and by the end they’re all making plans to stay in touch and support each other’s job search.

There are just a few places left on the June-July Graduate Gateway programme, so, if you’re interested in coming along, please go to our website;, download an applicaiton form, and return it to no later than Friday 17 June.

If you’re interested but aren’t available for this cohort, send an email to the Gateway address and we’ll let you know in August when we’re recruiting for the September cohort!

The programme is supported by the European Social Fund, and similar programmes are being run by other universities across the Northwest. So if you’re not a Salford graduate but still want to take part, contact your university’s careers service and see what they have anything to offer!


Only three posts so far, and two of them about Graduate Gateway! Sorry about that folks: next Tuesday we’ll be running Postgraduate Futures 2011, so I’m looking forward to telling you about that!

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